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How To Use WordPress Catagories

How To Use WordPress Categories

How To Use WordPress Categories

WordPress categories are a very useful way to organise your related posts into targeted groups, this lets your  website visitors quickly see what these posts are related to, here is how To use WordPress categories.

Sorting your posts into categories also makes it easier for visitors to find the content they are looking for. Categories can be single level, or they can be hierarchical, with child categories underneath the main category (parent) one. This method is often used when building a silo website structure. 



What Are WordPress Categories


Adding WordPress Categories

You can create as many categories as you wish on your website, but to start with it is best to create just a few main ones.

First you need to log in to your WordPress Dashboard and hover over or click the Posts section of the admin menu. From the secondary menu, click Categories.


How To Use WordPress Catagories



The Category screen contains all of the tools you need to create, view and manage your blog categories in one place.

Default Categories

You can change the default category for posts which are not assigned to a category manually, from uncategorized to one of your choice.

To do this, click the Settings option in the admin menu, click Writing,


How To Use WordPress Categories


and then change the Default Post Category option.


How To Use WordPress Categories


You can create as many categories as you like in WordPress, and you can always add and remove categories whenever you need to.

It’s always a good idea think of the categories your blog will need, make these very targeted and create them at in one go, then add more as your website grows.


How To Add a New Category

Go back to the post, then the categories section.


How To Use WordPress Categories


To add a new category, type the name you want to be displayed on your blog in the Name box.

The name you choose also forms the category slug, which is the name that will appear on the URL field of a browser when the relevant category is being viewed.

See below, the URL slug is 

Here it will display all your posts in that category.


How To Use WordPress Categories



Parent Or Child Categories 

You can choose whether you want your category to be a parent or a child to an already existing category.

At this point, most of your categories will probably be parent categories, but it all depends on how you are planning the structure of your blog or website.

Using the recipes website for example, you could have fish recipes as a parent category then just have all your fish recipes under that category.

Or you can have a bunch of child categories under a parent category. For example halibut recipes as a child category, salmon recipes as a child category, crab recipes as a child category, monkfish recipes as a child category etc all under the parent category fish recipes. 


How To Use WordPress Categories



Category Description

If you wish, can add a description of your category before you create it. Normally the category description will only appear in the code of your blog, this can help with search engine optimization (SEO), but some WordPress themes will use the category description as part of a section’s
content. Keep it  simple but useful to visitors, don’t try to write for the search engines, always write for your visitors. 

Click on the Add New Category button once you have filled all the sections in. Your new category will now appear in the list of categories on the right.

Categories are numbered based on order they were created. Some themes will use these category numbers  to control content display on your website.

The Posts -> Categories page in your Dashboard displays all your categories and shows the name, description, and number of posts belonging to each category. If you move your mouse over a category, a set of options will appear, allowing you to edit, quick edit, or delete that category.


How To Use WordPress Categories


From here you can click any of the options, click Quick Edit, the category will change into an edit box and you can change the category
quickly, as the name suggests.

When you click on Edit, you will be taken to a new page where you can edit everything, the name, parent, and description.  the same as if  you were creating or adding a category.


Thanks for reading, I really hope this helps and gives you a better understanding of How to use WordPress categories.

Until next time, 


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