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How To Create WordPress Pages

How To Create WordPress Pages

How To Create WordPress Pages

How To Create WordPress Pages, unlike posts, pages in WordPress are classed as static. This means that they are designed to
be used for content which doesn’t change. Examples of pages are about pages or a Contact Us section.

The pages you create can be added to a navigation menu, usually displayed below the header , in a sidebar widget or even in the footer.

Pages displayed in a menu in the footer are usually the legal pages of your site, like the Terms and Conditions.


How To Create WordPress Pages


One page that is setup automatically for you when you install WordPress is a sample page.

The sample page is a good place to play around and get a feel for pages if you have not used WordPress before.

About page is always a great page to setup, just to let your visitors know about yourself or your business.


Additional Pages

Here’s how to add any additional pages you require.

First log in to your blog Dashboard and click on the Pages link in the left-hand admin menu.


How To Create WordPress Pages


This will take you to the main Pages list, which shows all of your published pages or pages you have saved as drafts. 

Click the Add New button at the top, above the list of  your WordPress pages to begin creating a new page.

Alternatively you can add a new page by  hovering over the Pages link in the left-hand admin menu and selecting add new.


How To Create WordPress Pages


Page Title

Write your page title in the box provided. A permalink to the page is then created and is displayed below the title box. The permalink will look like:  

Or if you are hosting WordPress yourself.


Click in the main text box and here you canstart writing your page content.


Formatting Your WordPress Pages

Just as with a post, you can use the buttons above the content area, these are formatting tools, to add things like pictures, videos, polls and links for your website visitors, contact forms, location stamp or pretty much any HTML.

Try these features out, have a play around, it’s the best way to learn. You can use the sample page for this or create a test page. 


Page Attributes

With your page content complete, you will now need to set the Page Attributes using the box below the Publish module. You can arrange your pages in hierarchies. For example, you could have an About page that has My Background and How I Started pages under it.



How To Create WordPress Pages - Page Attributes



You can nest any amount of pages, by selecting parent pages.


How To Create WordPress Pages - Parent Pages




You may have different settings here depending on the theme you are using.
Some themes have custom templates you can use for certain pages that may have additional features and custom layouts.

If so, you’ll see them in this drop-down menu. 


How To Create WordPress Pages - Theme Page Options


Publish Your Page

With the page attributes now set, you can publish your page.
You have several options here. If you are not ready to publish your page for whatever reason but want to keep the text, click Save Draft.

The page will be saved to the All Pages list marked as “Draft”. You can see a live preview of your page, just click the Preview button.


Visibility Of Your Page

You can control the visibility of your WordPress pages , decide whether a password is needed and who can view it. 

Publish Immediately lets you set a time and date in the future for the page to be published, which is useful for time-sensitive information. Finally, you need to click Publish to complete the setup of your page.


How To Create WordPress Pages - Page Visibility


Editing a Page

You can always edit an existing page, just as you can with a post. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard, then click Pages on the left-hand menu. Select edit under the page name from the available options.

All of the standard page options will be available when editing just as they were when creating your WordPress pages.


How To Create WordPress Pages - Editing Pages


There it is  a simple WordPress post about How To Create WordPress Pages, I hope this helped you if you’re new to WordPress.


All the best,





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