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How To Transfer Domain Name Servers

How To Transfer Domain Name Servers (DNS)

Okay, so today I’m going to show you how to transfer your domain name servers.

First thing you will need to do before I show you how to transfer domain name servers, if you haven’t already is to add the domain you have registered to you hosting account. Login to your cPanel and scroll down to the Domain section.


How to Transfer DNS


Click on Addon Domains (your cPanel may look a little different as different companies use different themes).


Transfer DNS


Simply enter your domain name, click outside the box and it will auto generate the Subdomain and Document Root and select if you want to create an FTP account for that domain. I always do, this if to transfer files at a later date using software on my PC.


Transfer DNS


So here I am at the domain I have just registered with, you can see my post on that here.

As you can see there is a message saying I have registered my domain, it’s just a default page GoDaddy park on your domain until you set up your nameservers and website.


Transfer DNS


First of all, I’m going to create a simple index page for my website just so I know when the transfer has completed.

This is optional as it will change to a default page your hosting company uses

or simple white page that looks like this

Index of /
• cgi-bin/

This will depend on your hosting company.

If you know how to create a page using a WYSIWYG editor or notepad go ahead and use one of those, but I’m just going to use the file manager in my cPanel of my web hosting.

In your cPanel click on File Manager,


Transfer DNS


then navigate to the website you’re working on.


Transfer DNS


Now click in the +File button on the top left of the page.


Transfer DNS


Name it index (all lowercase letters) and click create file.


Transfer DNS


Select the index.html file, make sure it’s highlighted.


Transfer DNS


Click on Edit in the top row,


Transfer DNS


a box pop up, click edit.


Transfer DNS


Then just type in some text you would like to appear on your website, I just wrote This Is My Index Page. Click save changes.


Transfer DNS


So again that last step was optional just so I know when the transfer on the nameservers is complete by viewing a page I made. It’s a nice way to get to know your way around the cPanel too if you have never used it before.

So back to how to transferring domain name servers, I need to connect my domain name to my web hosting, we do this with domain name servers.
To read about the technical stuff there is an article here you can read if you wish

You need to login to your GoDaddy account, as you can see I already am. So Login if you’re not already, click on your name and head over to the Manage My Domains link on the left hand side.


How To Transfer DNS


Here you will see your domain or a list of them if you have more than one.


How To Transfer DNS


Click on the settings icon, it looks like a cog. From here select Manage DNS.


How To Transfer DNS


You will need to get your Nameservers from your hosting company. You should be able to find them in your cPanel, usually down the left-hand side with your other account info. But this will differ from hosting company to hosting company. If you can’t find them click on the support tab and search knowledgebase for “nameserver” “nameservers” or “DNS” if this doesn’t come up with anything just contact your hosting provider.

Scroll down to Nameservers and click on the green Change button. Here you will have two areas to enter your nameserver, then click add nameserver.


How To Transfer DNS


Simply enter the domain name servers from your hosting company here.



How To Transfer DNS


Once this is done, that’s it, this is simply how to transfer domain name servers (DNS), it’s just a case of waiting until your page has changed to the one you created in file manager. Just keep refreshing your page. It says it can take up to 36 hours, but when transferring these domain name server, it only took 13 minutes. The longest I have ever waited was around an hour.

Just remember to delete or override the index.html page when designing or installing a script like WordPress.

Well I hope you found this helpful, as I didn’t have a clue how to transfer domain name servers when I first had to do this.


All the best,

Love to hear your thoughts.

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