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My First Blog Post

Hi, and a very warm welcome to my blog and my first post.

As you can see I have managed to smoothly install WordPress. On my blog, I will be sharing my journey as I start my online internet marketing business from the ground up.

As a guy wanting to make my living using the internet, I’m sure I’m in the same boat as many of you, buying product after product (shiny object syndrome) and getting nowhere fast!

I have an understanding of the whole Internet Marketing thing but just can’t seem to bring it all together and make it work.

So I have decided to stop buying almost every new product that comes out and have got myself a mentor, to learn, and take instruction from someone who has become successful and has consistently earned a living online for a long time now.

I’m going to document my journey on this blog, all the success and failures that will happen on the way. I hope anybody following me achieves their goals too.

All the best,


Well this is actually the third time I have posted this first post!
After getting my WordPress site setup and looking the way I wanted, researching and installing some plugins I needed the whole thing went wrong.
I got the WordPress white screen of death, no error message, nothing. I couldn’t even get to my admin dashboard.
So after searching Google for what it could possibly be the most frequent thing that came up was a plugin error. Not being able to access my WordPress dashboard I had setup File Transfer Protocol software on my PC and delete the plugins manually, as I didn’t know which plugin was causing the problem I had to delete them all.

After doing so my site loaded on the web browser and I had access to the dashboard again, but the site didn’t look right, the theme I use came with some plugins installed that it uses to display correctly.

So I deleted the whole WordPress site and database and started again fresh. Then the problem happened again, so I knew it was a plugin installed with the theme, then just deleted plugin by plugin until the website loaded properly and installed the latest version of the plugin that was giving me problems and everything was fine.

Love to hear your thoughts.

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