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Hi My name is Colin Bell as I’m sure you have figured out, I left school at 16 after doing my GCSE’s (the UK high school qualifications), my results wen’t the best as I had learning difficulties at school, I’m glad to say the have gotten a lot better as I got older. I then worked in a restaurant as a pot washer in the summer as I was then going to go to college to learn to be a car mechanic, but I got offered a job to train as a chef in the restaurant I worked in and I loved it, so I decided not to go to college. After training in the kitchen for a couple of years I decided it was what I wanted to do as a career, so I put myself through catering collage in for three years and have spent the last 20 years working as a chef.

As I said earlier I loved it, well I did love it when I was younger but as time went on I started to like it less and less due to a few different factors such as, long unsociable hours, pretty poor pay for the actual hours I worked, being short staffed (a lot!) and trying to work with equipment that doesn’t work properly, like  a main fridge that froze everything but if you turned it down it stopped working and a gas oven that kept going out every ten minutes! With the owner that wouldn’t do anything about it but would constantly come in the kitchen and ask why the food was taking so long (in the words of Homer J Simpson “Doh”).

And I have also had three knee operations (two on the left knee and one on the right knee) which has made my job so much more difficult.

So I have been looking for a way to make a living doing something else and came across this whole internet marketing thing. I have purchased a few products at different price points, some good but they require quite a bit of capital to get started (a product about private labeling physical products on Amazon) which wasn’t an option at the time, some just pure garbage and scamy if that’s even a word? And some I thought were good but just couldn’t get to work for me, even after following everything perfectly.

So I have decided it’s time to get serious and make this work and invested in a mentoring program from a marketer who has been around a while and makes a great and consistent living from using the internet.

Well that’s it for now until I become a success, and this is my blog documenting the process and sharing things I think may help others along the way on their journey.

All the best,